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Our Friends

Deep in the forgotten Forest of Marzee, many different kinds of animals have come together to make a town of their own. Through sharing and understanding, the animals have always made sure that they all have more than enough to be happy and comfy. However, they know that problems in the human world are not always as easy to fix, so some of the friendliest animals in Marzee have decided to travel to those who need them most. These unique kids toys and animal friends, Izzy, Ani, and Dede, are ready to join you to brighten your day and help you have fun!



Ani is a soft and delicate cat who enjoys the finer things in life. She can spend whole days reading about the latest fashions and accessories, brushing her soft fur, and choosing the perfect colors to decorate a room. Ani is also a baking fanatic, always putting in every effort to make sure her cookies and pastries come out just purrfect. She puts that same effort into planning fun parties for her friends and family, and making gifts that will make them smile. Ani just loves that sweet and warm feeling that comes with brightening someone’s day, and she hopes to give you that feeling too!



Fashion, decorating, baking, surprise parties, waffles, cream puffs, and walking through gardens.


Mud puddles, loud noises, and cucumbers.



Dede is a dog with a ton of energy, ready to run and jump and play all day! She loves almost any sport, from baseball to swimming to mountain climbing. Dede isn’t good at most sports at first, but she gets a little better every day by always remembering to practice. She’s also just about the funniest person in Marzee, and just loves making her friends laugh. Dede is an expert at keeping troubles and worries away for a day, but she can also make a fun day even better! If you love having a good time all day long, Dede is the friend for you!



Sports, swimming, making jokes, pulling pranks, pizza, burgers, and exploring new places.


Being bored, being stuck inside all day, and the smell of fish.



Izzy is the kind of bear who would wrap the whole world up in a hug if she could! When a friend is feeling blue, she’s always ready to listen to them and help them feel better. If Izzy hears about something she thinks is wrong, she’ll use her voice to face the problem and make positive changes in the world. When two friends are fighting, Izzy will try to think of a way to get them to come together and compromise. She also really loves her quiet time, when she gets to read and write and draw. Izzy’s mind is always focused on those in need, and she’ll always be there for you too!



Hugs, doing good deeds, reading, writing, drawing, ice cream, movies, and snowy days.


Mean people, hot summer nights, and crowded amusement parks.

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